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Advice for overweight moms: Lose weight before getting pregnant a second time, SLU study finds

Doctors should advise overweight moms considering another pregnancy to take off extra weight first because they are at greater risk of having big babies, a new Saint Louis University study finds. more  

Obesity makes labor tougher on women, new research finds

Looking for yet another reason to stay svelte? Labor can be longer for obese pregnant women, a new Saint Louis University study finds. more

Sick of being pregnant? Inducing labor carries risks, Saint Louis University research finds

Women who have their labor induced or are given medication to stimulate contractions are at greater risk of developing chorioamnionitis, an infection of the placental tissues and amniotic fluid, new Saint Louis University research finds. more  

Middle class takes over muscles, motorcycles and tattoos, says Penn State researcher

In recent years, many have said that white collar professionals, college students and celebrities getting tattooed, pumping iron or riding motorcycles democratize or blur distinctions between rich and poor. However, a Penn State researcher claims just the opposite in a study including fads and fashions such as body sculpting at expensive health clubs, rich urban biking, the art of the chopper and modern primitive tattooing. more

High hepatitis B infection rate found among NYC's Asian American community 

Approximately 15% of Asians living in New York City are chronically infected with hepatitis B virus, according to a new study by New York University School of Medicine researchers and their colleagues. Chronic hepatitis B infection usually will lead to liver inflammation and can progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer. The reported infection rate is 35 times higher than the rate in the general U.S. population. more

Search for cancer genes unlikely to succeed, say experts  

The hunt to find common genes that are associated with cancer is unlikely to be successful, say experts in this week's BMJ. more

Quick trip to cath lab best for women with acute coronary syndromes

Moms who don't lose the weight they gained during the first pregnancy and continue to gain after their first child is born are at risk of having bigger babies. more


In response to concerns from hospitals to prepare for eventual pandemic flu outbreaks, the French company AirInSpace, has adapted technology developed to protect astronauts for use in critical care centers to protect immune-deficient patients against pathogens such as the avian flu virus.