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Less-invasive technique has improved outcomes of aortic aneurysm repair

A shift toward a less-invasive endovascular procedure as an alternative to conventional surgery has reduced the risk of death for patients undergoing repair of dangerous abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs), reports a study in the March Journal of Vascular Surgery. more  

'Stent-Graft' procedure improves outcomes of carotid aneurysm repair

For patients with life-threatening aneurysms of the carotid artery in the neck, a minimally invasive stent-grafting technique can be just as effective as traditional open surgery, but with faster recovery and fewer complications, according to a study in the March Journal of Vascular Surgery. more

Elderly have higher risk for cardiovascular, respiratory disease

New data from a four-year study of 11.5 million Medicare enrollees show that short-term exposure to fine particle air pollution from such sources as motor vehicle exhaust and power plant emissions significantly increases the risk for cardiovascular and respiratory disease among people over 65 years of age. The study, funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a component of the National Institutes of Health, is the largest ever conducted on the link between fine particle air pollution and hospital admissions for heart- and lung-related illnesses. more  

Troubling increase in repeat cesarean delivery, inadequate explanations

A survey conducted to determine the basis for the increased number of repeat cesarean births in the United States found that nearly 10 percent of women had undocumented reasons for the surgery. This study is published in the March issue of Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care. more

New study finds dairy is not associated with weight gain 

Calcium intake was not associated with weight gain in men over a 12-year period, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition1. The study included more than 19,000 healthy men aged 40-75 years who were enrolled in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. The researchers evaluated the relationship between total calcium intake from diet and supplements and changes in body weight based on self reported weight at the beginning and end of the 12-year study period. Study participants followed their normal diets, not calorie-restricted diets. more

Liquid crystals show promise in controlling embryonic stem cells  

Liquid crystals, the same phase-shifting materials used to display information on cell phones, monitors and other electronic equipment, can also be used to report in real time on the differentiation of embryonic stem cells. more

Scientists provide new evidence for cellular cause of SIDS

University of Chicago researchers and colleagues have found strong support that a disturbance of a specific neurochemical can lead to sudden infant death syndrome, the primary cause of death before age 1 in the United States. Approximately 3,000 infants die each year from SIDS, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. more


Dairy products are not associated with weight gain.