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Sorry this is late; Meant to post it sooner

Dr. Piers Steel is probably the world's foremost expert on the subject of putting off until tomorrow what should be done today. His comprehensive analysis of procrastination research, published in the recent edition of the American Psychological Association's Psychological Bulletin, presents some surprising conclusions on the subject. more  

Mating with showy males may reduce offspring’s ability to fight off pathogens

In many animals, males advertise to potential mates with showy traits, many of which are linked to testosterone levels. However, a new study suggests that, in fish, choosing a flashier mate may cause future generations to be more susceptible to pathogens. more

Education does not protect against age-related memory loss, say USC researchers

Adults over 70 with higher levels of education forgot words at a greater rate than those with less education, according to a new study from the University of Southern California. more  

Pancreatic cancer surgery five-year survivors 65 and up live nearly as long as anyone

A new study shows that pancreatic cancer patients 65 or older who live at least five years after surgery have nearly as good a chance as anyone else to live another five years. more

Benefits of testosterone treatment unknown, research shows  

Little research exists demonstrating that testosterone is both safe from the cardiovascular standpoint and effective to treat sexual dysfunction, reveal Mayo Clinic researchers in two new studies. more

UGA study finds that caffeine cuts post-workout pain by nearly 50 percent  

Although it’s too soon to recommend dropping by Starbucks before hitting the gym, a new study suggests that caffeine can help reduce the post-workout soreness that discourages some people from exercising. more

Cartilage discovery offers arthritis hope

Scientists have revealed the intricate structure of cartilage in what they hope will provide clues to how the crippling joint disease osteoarthritis might one day be treated. more

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Starbucks: The cure for sore muscles?