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Herb shows potential to reduce cancer-related fatigue

North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG) researchers, based at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., have generated preliminary data suggesting that a form of American ginseng provides greater improvements in fatigue and vitality in patients who receive the highest doses tested, compared to lower doses or no treatment. more  

Shark cartilage shows no benefit as a therapeutic agent for lung cancer

In the first scientific study of its kind, shark cartilage extract, AE-941 or Neovastat, has shown no benefit as a therapeutic agent when combined with chemotherapy and radiation for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, according to researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. more

Flaxseed stunts the growth of prostate tumors

Flaxseed, an edible seed that is rich in omega 3-fatty acids and fiber-related compounds known as lignans, is effective in halting prostate tumor growth, according to a study led by Duke University Medical Center researchers. The seed, which is similar to a sesame seed, may be able to interrupt the chain of events that leads cells to divide irregularly and become cancerous. more  

Math that powers spam filters used to understand how brain learns to move our muscles

A team of biomedical engineers has developed a computer model that makes use of more or less predictable “guesstimates” of human muscle movements to explain how the brain draws on both what it recently learned and what it’s known for some time to anticipate what it needs to develop new motor skills. more

Medical management of another condition may not lead to early cancer diagnosis  

Being in regular contact with healthcare providers because of a chronic illness such as diabetes or heart disease doesn’t necessarily mean a person is more likely to have a cancer detected early, according to a study led by Duke University Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers. more

Database tracks brain development in hundreds of children  

A new study provides a valuable set of benchmarks for brain development in healthy children. In the future, this information will help researchers determine how diseases, prenatal exposure to toxins and other conditions cause brain development to stray from its normal course. more

Gene connects biological clock to weight regulation

Scientists report a new link between a gene that controls the body’s biological clock and weight gain. more

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A new study provides a valuable set of benchmarks for brain development in healthy children.