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Standards for measuring narrowing of carotid artery too aggressive

Standards for the use of ultrasound as a screening tool to measure narrowing of the carotid artery may be too aggressive, resulting in some needless follow-up tests and procedures according to researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Narrowing of the carotid can be a precursor to a stroke. more  

Research probes seniors' plans for end-of-life care

As a brain-damaged woman named Terri Schiavo lived her final days in 2005, her family's bitter feuding imparted a tragic lesson about the importance of specifying one's wishes for end-of-life medical treatment. more

Neural mediators of attraction, acceptance, and rejection

Researchers from the University of Minnesota are reporting at the June meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping that an attractive woman’s acceptance of a date with a male participant makes her appear more physically attractive to him and increases his brain activity in areas associated with reward or positive feelings. This does not occur if the woman is rejecting or unattractive. This finding provides new insights into how the male brain combines information about a woman’s physical attractiveness and the woman’s acceptance of him to influence his perceptions of her (further work is necessary to determine whether a similar effect occurs in women). more  

Low potassium levels linked to increased long-term mortality in heart failure patients

New research from UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) indicates that patients with heart failure who have low to low-normal serum potassium levels are at increased risk of death. The study, published this month in the European Heart Journal, is the first to look directly at the long-term effect of low potassium levels in a population of propensity-matched heart failure patients. more

"National failure" in treatment of early pancreatic cancer  

More than half of eligible patients with operable, early-stage pancreatic cancer don't undergo potentially life-extending surgery, suggests a study published online this week by the Annals of Surgery. more

Mayo Clinic: Ten symptoms patients should not to ignore 

Chest pains, abdominal pain and unexplained bleeding are good reasons to seek immediate medical care. Other reasons to seek immediate medical care are less well known. The June issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter covers 10 symptoms not to ignore. more

Pesticide use linked to brain cancer

Agricultural workers exposed to high levels of pesticides and people who use them on houseplants appear to have a greater risk of developing brain tumours, suggests a study published online ahead of print in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. more

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Patients with heart failure who have low to low-normal serum potassium levels are at increased risk of death.