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Study finds differences between blood pressure medicines and newly-diagnosed diabetes

Patients with high blood pressure are more likely to develop new-onset diabetes than those who donít have hypertension, but this tendency is often attributed to higher weight, recent weight gain, or stronger family history of diabetes among those with high blood pressure Doctors have known since 1958 that some drugs used to control high blood pressure have the side effect of increasing blood sugar and causing new-onset diabetes. more  

Aspirin saves lives of cancer patients suffering heart attacks, despite fears of bleeding

Many cancer patients who have heart attacks often are not treated with life saving aspirin given the belief in the medical community that they could experience lethal bleeding. Researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, however, say that notion is now proven wrong and that without aspirin, the majority of these patients will die. more

Lifestyle changes effective in protecting against Type II diabetes

Changing to a healthier lifestyle appears to be at least as effective as taking prescription drugs in reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, says a new BMJ study. more  

Informing partners can help cut sexually transmitted infections

Doctors should encourage patients with sexually transmitted infections to tell their partners to seek treatment and, in some cases, provide home testing kits or drugs to help reduce infection rates, says a new study on bmj.com. more

Lessons from Vioxx case -- New approach needed to restore faith in pharmaceutical industry  

The pharmaceutical industry, academia and government agencies need to work together to restore faith in drug development, say doctors in this weeks' BMJ. more

Tears reveal some of their deepest secrets to researchers  

It's no secret why we shed tears. But exactly what our tears are made of has remained a mystery to scientists. more

Treatment for homeless youth pays off in long run, study finds

One of the few studies examining methods to help homeless youth found that a comprehensive intervention program can indeed dramatically improve their life situation. more

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A new study sheds some light on the complex design of tears.