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Highly accomplished people more prone to failure than others when under stress

Talented people often choke under pressure because the distraction caused by stress consumes their working memory, a psychologist at the University of Chicago has found. more  

Stem cell transplants explored at Stanford as a possible treatment for hearing loss

Stefan Heller's dream is to someday find a cure for deafness. more

Harvard scientists partner to develop and distribute new tuberculosis vaccine

Bioengineers and public health researchers at Harvard University have developed a novel spraying method for delivering the most common tuberculosis (TB) vaccine, providing a new low-cost and scaleable technique that offers needle-free delivery and greater stability at room temperature than existing methods. The process could one day provide a better approach for vaccination against TB and help prevent the related spread of HIV/AIDS in the developing world. more  

Scientific literacy -- How do Americans stack up?

Having a basic knowledge of scientific principles is no longer a luxury but, in today’s complex world, a necessity. And, according to a Michigan State University researcher, while Americans are holding their own, they are not even close to where they should be. more

Metabolic disease too easily missed  

Dutch researcher Terry Derks has demonstrated that the metabolic disease MCAD deficiency can be detected at an early stage. At present the disease is only found in half of the expected number of patients. With the help of a new screening method, all newborns can now be screened. Young children can develop complications due to MCAD deficiency if this is not diagnosed on time. Where early detection fails, it is too late too intervene in a quarter of cases. more

Air pollution tied to cardiovascular risks in women  

Where a woman lives—and how polluted the air is in her neighborhood—may affect her risk of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease, according to a recent study of nearly 66,000 older women in 36 metropolitan areas. more

Stomach balloon offers ‘little benefit’ to severely obese

A small balloon temporarily placed inside the stomach to shrink its size is no better than a conventional diet program when it comes to helping severely obese people lose weight, according to a new review of studies. more

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No major industrial nation in the world today has a sufficient number of scientifically literate adults.