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Stanford study finds no conclusive benefit from treating kleptomania

A small clinical trial of a medication to treat kleptomania has failed to find any conclusive benefit for patients with the impulsive stealing disorder, according to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. more  

Periodontal diseases may aggravate pre-diabetic characteristics

Periodontal diseases may contribute to the progression to pre-diabetes, according to a new study that appears in the March issue of the Journal of Periodontology. more

Sleep disorders can impair children's IQs as much as lead exposure

Three decades ago, medical investigators began sounding the alarm about how lead exposure causes IQ deficits in children. Today, researchers at the University of Virginia Health System say children with sleep disorders can face similar risks of intellectual impairment. more  

12-step screening may help reduce sudden death in young athletes

A 12-point screening process could help reduce sudden cardiac death in high school and college competitive athletes, according to an updated American Heart Association scientific statement. more

Depressed mothers can still be good moms  

Medically treating post-partum depression may not be enough to improve a motherís relationship with her baby, and is only part of the equation, according to a new study done in part by the University of Alberta. more

Mechanisms involved with tumor relapse identified  

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University's Massey Cancer Center studying the interaction between the immune system and cancer cells have identified interferon gamma as one of the signaling proteins involved with tumor relapse. more

Belly fat may drive inflammatory processes associated with disease

As scientists learn more about the key role of inflammation in diabetes, heart disease and other disorders, new research from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis suggests that fat in the belly may be an important promoter of that inflammation. more

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Sleep disorders can impair children's IQs as much as lead exposure.