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Diagnosis: Those hip-hugging trousers could cause paresthesia

Doctors, it's time to warn your patients. Young women like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are putting their health at risk by wearing hip-hugging jeans. According to Canadian authorities, the tight, low-rise trousers favoured by the pop stars and teens can squeeze a sensory nerve under the hipbone and cause a tingling sensation in the thighs called paresthesia.

The feeling is not permanent, but doctors can warn their patients that the sensation may last if the jeans are worn regularly. Three women suffering from the condition have been treated at the Timmins and District Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

The condition is also linked to obesity, car seat belts, sitting with crossed legs for extended periods of time and wearing tight corsets or heavy tool belts. Male patients are issued a warning as well. Constantly squeezing fat wallets into trouser pockets has also led to pain for some.

In a letter to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Dr Malvinder Parmar, medical director Timmins and District Hospital, detailed the cases of the three women. Each of the women had been suffering from paresthesia for between six and eight months. Parmar wrote: "All had symptoms of tingling or a burning sensation ... and mild local tenderness. "Now that hip-huggers are back in fashion, physicians can expect to see more patients with tingly thighs."

He said the symptoms disappeared within six weeks after the women had switched to wearing loose-fitting clothing. And he suggested women to return to wearing traditional waist-cut jeans, or preferably loose dresses.


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