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Hoaxes and rumors: False reports concerning cola soda products

There are several variations of emails being circulated that warn consumers not to buy Coca-Cola (or Pepsi) due to potential tainting of the products. These e-mails are a hoax. There are no advisories, recalls, or safety alerts concerning this product. FDA is the federal agency that has responsibility for regulation of this product and for keeping the public apprised of concerns such as this. You may wish to visit the FDA recalls and safety alerts website at to obtain the latest information in this regard.

The Coca Cola Company notes at its hoax and rumors website ( that it uses a number of processes to assure the safety and quality of the water and ingredients used to make products of The Coca-Cola Company. They also note that investigations to date, conducted by Federal and local officials, as well as The Coca-Cola Company, have concluded that these rumors have no merit.

Other informative links regarding this rumor may be found at the Urban Legend web site at:

Here are a few of the hoaxes listed on the Coca-Cola Web site. Vidyya does not support the Coca-Cola company, nor do we have any opinion on whether these rumors are true or false. That decision is up to the individual reader.


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