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Study comparing muraglitazar with glimepride in type 2 diabetics who are not controlled with metformin alone
This study is currently recruiting patients

Sponsored by: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Information provided by: Bristol-Myers Squibb


The purpose of this clinical research study is to learn whether a muraglitazar-metformin combination is at least as effective as a glimepiride-metformin combination to treat type 2 diabetics who are not sufficiently controlled with metformin alone. The safety of this treatment will also be studied.

Study Type: Interventional
Study Design: Treatment

Official Title: A Phase III Study Comparing Maraglitazar with Glimepride in Type 2 Diabetics who are not Controlled with Metformin Alone


Ages Eligible for Study:  18 Years   -   70 Years,  Genders Eligible for Study:  Both


Inclusion Criteria:

  • Subject with Type 2 diabetes receiving treatment with at least 1,500 mg but not greater than 3000 mg of stable metformin therapy for at least 6 weeks prior to screening
  • HbA1c >or = 7% and < or = 10%
  • Fasting c-peptide > or = 1.0 umol
  • Body Mass Index < or = 41 kg/m2
  • Mean serum triglycerides < or = 600 mg/dl

Location and Contact Information

BMS Call Center      1-866-892-1BMS  Ext. 130 
BMS Call Center Outside the US and Canada      1-215-247-4079  Ext. 130 

      Local Institution, Birmingham,  Alabama,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Tucson,  Arizona,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Phoenix,  Arizona,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Mesa,  Arizona,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Little Rock,  Arkansas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Fayetteville,  Arkansas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Jonesboro,  Arkansas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Sherwood,  Arkansas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Mission Viejo,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Spring Valley,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Fresno,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Northridge,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Bellflower,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Long Beach,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Encino,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Walnut Creek,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Huntington Beach,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Pasadena,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Moreno Valley,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Roseville,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Paramount,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Cudahy,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Torrance,  California,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Boulder,  Colorado,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Colorado Springs,  Colorado,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Denver,  Colorado,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Aurora,  Colorado,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Hollywood,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, New Port Richey,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Fort Lauderdale,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Jacksonville,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Kissimmee,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Longwood,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Pembroke Pines,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Miami,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Tallahassee,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Ocala,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, St. Cloud,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Winter Park,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Altamonte Springs,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Ormond Beach,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Clearwater,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Palm Harbor,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, St. Augustine,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Deland,  Florida,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Blue Ridge,  Georgia,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Chicago Heights,  Illinois,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Elkhart,  Indiana,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Slidell,  Louisiana,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Baltimore,  Maryland,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Towson,  Maryland,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Swansea,  Massachusetts,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Rolling Fork,  Mississippi,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Florissant,  Missouri,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Kansas City,  Missouri,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Chesterfield,  Missouri,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, St. Louis,  Missouri,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Excelsior Springs,  Missouri,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Springfield,  Missouri,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Omaha,  Nebraska,  United States; Recruiting

New Jersey
      Local Institution, Toms River,  New Jersey,  United States; Recruiting

New Mexico
      Local Institution, Albuquerque,  New Mexico,  United States; Recruiting

New York
      Local Institution, West Seneca,  New York,  United States; Recruiting

North Carolina
      Local Institution, Sparta,  North Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Statesville,  North Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Wilmington,  North Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Morehead City,  North Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Raleigh,  North Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Winston Salem,  North Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Newark,  Ohio,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Cincinnati,  Ohio,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Youngstown,  Ohio,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Lyndhurst,  Ohio,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Columbus,  Ohio,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Zanesville,  Ohio,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Tulsa,  Oklahoma,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Portland,  Oregon,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Eugene,  Oregon,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Camp Hill,  Pennsylvania,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Norristown,  Pennsylvania,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, West Chester,  Pennsylvania,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Fleetwood,  Pennsylvania,  United States; Recruiting

Rhode Island
      Local Institution, Providence,  Rhode Island,  United States; Recruiting

South Carolina
      Local Institution, Simpsonville,  South Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Greer,  South Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Charleston,  South Carolina,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Bristol,  Tennessee,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Chattanooga,  Tennessee,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Memphis,  Tennessee,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Chattanooga,  Tennessee,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Houston,  Texas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Austin,  Texas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Midland,  Texas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Bryan,  Texas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Corpus Christi,  Texas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Dallas,  Texas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, San Antonio,  Texas,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Salt Lake City,  Utah,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Richmond,  Virginia,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Virginia Beach,  Virginia,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Tacoma,  Washington,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Spokane,  Washington,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Wenatchee,  Washington,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Olympia,  Washington,  United States; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Buenos Aires,  Argentina; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Cordoba,  Argentina; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Mendoza,  Argentina; Recruiting

Argentina, Buenos Aires
      Local Institution, Capital Federal,  Buenos Aires,  Argentina; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Chacabuco,  Buenos Aires,  Argentina; Recruiting

      Local Institution, El Palomar,  Buenos Aires,  Argentina; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Mar del Plata,  Buenos Aires,  Argentina; Recruiting

      Local Institution, SAN MARTIN,  Buenos Aires,  Argentina; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Graz,  Austria; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Salzburg,  Austria; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Wien,  Austria; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Sao Paulo,  Brazil; Recruiting

Brazil, Ceara
      Local Institution, Fortaleza,  Ceara,  Brazil; Recruiting

Brazil, Distrito Federal
      Local Institution, Brasilia,  Distrito Federal,  Brazil; Recruiting

Brazil, Parana
      Local Institution, Curitiba,  Parana,  Brazil; Recruiting

Brazil, Rio Grande Do Sul
      Local Institution, Porto Alegre,  Rio Grande Do Sul,  Brazil; Recruiting

Brazil, Sao Paulo
      Local Institution, Campinas,  Sao Paulo,  Brazil; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Marilia,  Sao Paulo,  Brazil; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

Canada, Alberta
      Local Institution, Red Deer,  Alberta,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Calgary,  Alberta,  Canada; Recruiting

Canada, British Columbia
      Local Institution, Delta,  British Columbia,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Vancouver,  British Columbia,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, North Vancouver,  British Columbia,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Kelowna,  British Columbia,  Canada; Recruiting

Canada, Manitoba
      Local Institution, Winnipeg,  Manitoba,  Canada; Recruiting

Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador
      Local Institution, St. John,  Newfoundland and Labrador,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Mount Pearl,  Newfoundland and Labrador,  Canada; Recruiting

Canada, Ontario
      Local Institution, Oshawa,  Ontario,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, London,  Ontario,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Peterborough,  Ontario,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, North York,  Ontario,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Woodstock,  Ontario,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, York,  Ontario,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Toronto,  Ontario,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Sarnia,  Ontario,  Canada; Recruiting

Canada, Prince Edward Island
      Local Institution, Charlottetown,  Prince Edward Island,  Canada; Recruiting

Canada, Quebec
      Local Institution, Granby,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Saint-Lambert,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Drummondville,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Longueuil,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Montreal,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Chicoutimi,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Fleurimont,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Ste Foy,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Greenfield Park,  Quebec,  Canada; Recruiting

Canada, Saskatchewan
      Local Institution, Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan,  Canada; Recruiting

Chile, Metropolitana
      Local Institution, Santiago,  Metropolitana,  Chile; Recruiting

      Local Institution, KUENZING,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Magdeburg,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Muenchen,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Nuernberg,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Rodgau,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Rotenburg / Fulda,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Schoenebeck,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Ulm,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Viernheim,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Vs-Schwenningen,  Germany; Recruiting

      Local Institution, WITTEN,  Germany; Recruiting

Hong Kong
      Local Institution, Chai Wan,  Hong Kong; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Hong Kong,  Hong Kong; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Shatin,  Hong Kong; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Chihuahua,  Mexico; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Durango,  Mexico; Recruiting

Mexico, Baja California
      Local Institution, Tijuana,  Baja California,  Mexico; Recruiting

Mexico, Distrito Federal
      Local Institution, Mexico,  Distrito Federal,  Mexico; Recruiting

Mexico, Jalisco
      Local Institution, Guadalajara,  Jalisco,  Mexico; Recruiting

Mexico, Morelos
      Local Institution, Cuernavaca,  Morelos,  Mexico; Recruiting

Mexico, Nuevo Leon
      Local Institution, Monterrey,  Nuevo Leon,  Mexico; Recruiting

Mexico, Yucatan
      Local Institution, Merida,  Yucatan,  Mexico; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Arequipa,  Peru; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Lima,  Peru; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Cavite,  Philippines; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Cebu,  Philippines; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Manila,  Philippines; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Pasig City,  Philippines; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Quezon,  Philippines; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Gorzow Wielkopolski,  Poland; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Krakow,  Poland; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Stalowa Wola,  Poland; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Warszawa,  Poland; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Wroclaw,  Poland; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Zabrze,  Poland; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Mrokow,  Poland; Recruiting

Puerto Rico
      Local Institution, Carolina,  Puerto Rico; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Ponce,  Puerto Rico; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Rio Piedras,  Puerto Rico; Recruiting

      Local Institution, San Juan,  Puerto Rico; Recruiting

Russian Federation
      Local Institution, Moscow,  Russian Federation; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Smolensk,  Russian Federation; Recruiting

      Local Institution, St Petersburg,  Russian Federation; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Baden,  Switzerland; Recruiting

Taiwan, Province of China
      Local Institution, Changhua,  Taiwan, Province of China; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Hualien,  Taiwan, Province of China; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Taichung,  Taiwan, Province of China; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Tainan,  Taiwan, Province of China; Recruiting

      Local Institution, Bangkok,  Thailand; Recruiting

More Information

Study ID Numbers:  CV168-048
Record last reviewed:  December 2004
Record first received:  October 29, 2004 Identifier:  NCT00095030
Health Authority: United States: Food and Drug Administration processed this record on 2004-12-23

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